dimanche 18 janvier 2009

Mikah 9 - It's All Love

Mikah 9 - It's All Love

If you're reading this blog, you should probably know who Mikah 9 is, because I think I only have one reader right now... If you don't : Mikah was a part of Freestyle Fellowship, a band who, maybe along with Hieroglyphics, defined Cali backpacker hip-hop.

Mikah is one of the most impressive rappers I know about : he has it all, from the lyrics to the voice control to the hundreds of versatile flows to being a legend in freestyling. Still he never managed to achieve what he deserved as a solo artist : his solo albums are quite disappointing, and remained confidential.

His excellent new record "1969", produced by Canadian beatmaker Factor is is just dropping right now. He went back to rapping rather than singing (even though he can sing, unlike most rappers). I'm sharing with you his first solo from 1999 : "It's all love". Produced by Josef Leimberg (who also worked for stars like Snoop himself), it's his best effort to date. The beats are organic-sounding and groovy, Mikah doesn't sing too much but shows his impressive MCing skills throughout the album, so...

Download it here

samedi 10 janvier 2009

I Ran Y - i have no legs ep

I don't even know exactly who I Ran Y is... He's a member of Private School, a band who released some pretty good records, unfortunately this EP is not that interesting...

But why do I post it then ?

Because it's a request.

Download It Here

Inoe Oner - The Hermit / Stray Bullets

The Hermit / Stray Bullets
(Two CD-Rs from 2005 and 2003)

Shame on me, I said I would post one album a day and like most New Year's resolutions I only kept it for three days. As an excuse, here are two albums...

Today I want to talk about Inoe Oner, an ex-member of Global Phlowtations (most unknown as GPAC). This obscure and seminal group from the late 90s had among its members Adlib, who is known today by his real name Thavius Beck, Sach of The Nonce and Orko. They sounded more like Thavius than Sach : obscure, dark avant-garde hip-hop. We'll talk more about them another day.

Inoe has a baryton voice, and, a singularity in the Project Blowed scene, a massive, slow flow that mixes well with his poetical lyrics. Since the end of GPAC (around 99-2000 I guess) Inoe Oner has released several albums, mostly produced by Adlib himself. Today I'll post two of his most recent albums : The Hermit, released in 2005 on CD-R, and Stray Bullets, released in 2003. They're good, he's good, listen to them. My english sucks, I know, I'm french.

Stray Bullets (sharebee)

The Hermit (rapidshare)

dimanche 4 janvier 2009

88:Komaflash/Organics - Neomuc 12"

88:Komaflash/Organics - Neomuc 12"
(Pigeon Records - 2002)

Here is a rare vynil. I don't remember a lot about these groups. Obviously, 88:Komaflash come from Deutschland. I guess they're the one who started this project as well because it was released on a German label. They could be qualified as "german-speaking abstract hip-hop"... maybe some people will like it, but it sounds just like you can imagine it...

The Organics are from San Jose and I think I used to have some info about them but that was a long time ago and I forgot, if you know more, please tell me... One of their beats is produced by Glue who later released an album on Galapagos 4, though I would not swear this is the same person. The Organics are pretty decent MCs, the beats however are pretty boring... as it is often the case with releases from this scene...

  1. 88:Komaflash - Hot Potato
  2. 88:Komaflash - Neomuc
  3. 88:Komaflash - Leib-Seele-Dualismus
  4. 88:Komaflash -Mehr Wert Als Gold
  5. Organics - Rhyme For A Livin' (feat. Thunderhut)
  6. Organics - Oxygen (feat. Simple)
  7. Organics - Some People...
Download it here

samedi 3 janvier 2009

Rifleman - Kclassix vol. II

Rifleman - Kclassixx vol. II
Afterlife - 2001

This is the second album of Rifleman on Afterlife. It's longer than the previous one, and the beats are more consistent... when they're not straight up noise. Whatever, it's the way Rifleman adapts to the syncoped beats with so much versatility that's interesting. This what styling is about.

1. Transmitting Live
2. Shyt Talkerz
3. Voices in my Head
4. A Lot on It
5. Castles
6. Way Out Something
7. Hit Me on the Hip
8. Evil Gun
9. Kclantasia
10. Starwars
11. Channel X
12. Western Wild
13. Can I get a Witness
14. Whos What??

Download it here

vendredi 2 janvier 2009

Rifleman - kclasixx1 (complete)

Rifleman - Kclassixx vol. 1
(Afterlife Records, 1999)

Too much delay, too much noise & hiss on every track, this is RifleMan's first album on his own label Afterlife Records and it dates back to 1999. For those who do not know RifleMan yet, he was at first affiliated to the almighty Freestyle Fellowship crew and Project Blowed scene where he developped his typical ultra fast delivery.
Hence his name : Rifleman, because he spits lyrics as fast as an automatic weapon. He is definitely a legend in LA and though he never really had mainstream exposure he has influenced loads of underground LA emcees...

He is also a founding member of Afterlife Records, the underground label whose trademark is : dope MCs on lousy, badly recorded tracks burnt on crappy CD-Rs. Yet the poor sound quality is part of the legend, but it has surely been effective in preventing these extremely gifted individuals from reaching any public except stoned nerds like me... Too bad...

Seems like there's a small featuring of NGA FSH, one of my favorite emcees too on Fuck A Cop...

1. knuckle sandwich
2. rifleman acapella
3. room with a view
4. fuck a cop
5. come join our gang
6. eye-opener
7. crymescene
8. rifleman remix
9. crymescene remix

Download it here