vendredi 2 janvier 2009

Rifleman - kclasixx1 (complete)

Rifleman - Kclassixx vol. 1
(Afterlife Records, 1999)

Too much delay, too much noise & hiss on every track, this is RifleMan's first album on his own label Afterlife Records and it dates back to 1999. For those who do not know RifleMan yet, he was at first affiliated to the almighty Freestyle Fellowship crew and Project Blowed scene where he developped his typical ultra fast delivery.
Hence his name : Rifleman, because he spits lyrics as fast as an automatic weapon. He is definitely a legend in LA and though he never really had mainstream exposure he has influenced loads of underground LA emcees...

He is also a founding member of Afterlife Records, the underground label whose trademark is : dope MCs on lousy, badly recorded tracks burnt on crappy CD-Rs. Yet the poor sound quality is part of the legend, but it has surely been effective in preventing these extremely gifted individuals from reaching any public except stoned nerds like me... Too bad...

Seems like there's a small featuring of NGA FSH, one of my favorite emcees too on Fuck A Cop...

1. knuckle sandwich
2. rifleman acapella
3. room with a view
4. fuck a cop
5. come join our gang
6. eye-opener
7. crymescene
8. rifleman remix
9. crymescene remix

Download it here


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  1. Thanks for putting this up. Do you have any Sacred Hoop and more Global Phlowtations? I've been trying to find the Acid Reign albums too.

  2. i love this blog!!! i am not trying to say anything bad about the hip-hop from other places... but there is definitely something unique about cali-underground!!! do you have any of the following???
    - hobo junction
    - us pros
    - hue of intuition
    - icons
    - roundtable mc's
    - orko the sycotik alien
    - infinite shades of gray

    i have one line for infinite shades of gray, but i know there's more!!!


  3. Can you reup this please? It would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  4. Same thing as mr. anonyme, could you reup please?

  5. Awesome blog. Your really doing something special here. Quick question, do you know if there is anything else out there of power-tung? He's on battle prone from project blowed 10th anniversary cd. He's dope just wish I could find more stuff of his.