samedi 10 janvier 2009

Inoe Oner - The Hermit / Stray Bullets

The Hermit / Stray Bullets
(Two CD-Rs from 2005 and 2003)

Shame on me, I said I would post one album a day and like most New Year's resolutions I only kept it for three days. As an excuse, here are two albums...

Today I want to talk about Inoe Oner, an ex-member of Global Phlowtations (most unknown as GPAC). This obscure and seminal group from the late 90s had among its members Adlib, who is known today by his real name Thavius Beck, Sach of The Nonce and Orko. They sounded more like Thavius than Sach : obscure, dark avant-garde hip-hop. We'll talk more about them another day.

Inoe has a baryton voice, and, a singularity in the Project Blowed scene, a massive, slow flow that mixes well with his poetical lyrics. Since the end of GPAC (around 99-2000 I guess) Inoe Oner has released several albums, mostly produced by Adlib himself. Today I'll post two of his most recent albums : The Hermit, released in 2005 on CD-R, and Stray Bullets, released in 2003. They're good, he's good, listen to them. My english sucks, I know, I'm french.

Stray Bullets (sharebee)

The Hermit (rapidshare)

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  1. maybe someone still have this album, please share guys