dimanche 18 janvier 2009

Mikah 9 - It's All Love

Mikah 9 - It's All Love

If you're reading this blog, you should probably know who Mikah 9 is, because I think I only have one reader right now... If you don't : Mikah was a part of Freestyle Fellowship, a band who, maybe along with Hieroglyphics, defined Cali backpacker hip-hop.

Mikah is one of the most impressive rappers I know about : he has it all, from the lyrics to the voice control to the hundreds of versatile flows to being a legend in freestyling. Still he never managed to achieve what he deserved as a solo artist : his solo albums are quite disappointing, and remained confidential.

His excellent new record "1969", produced by Canadian beatmaker Factor is is just dropping right now. He went back to rapping rather than singing (even though he can sing, unlike most rappers). I'm sharing with you his first solo from 1999 : "It's all love". Produced by Josef Leimberg (who also worked for stars like Snoop himself), it's his best effort to date. The beats are organic-sounding and groovy, Mikah doesn't sing too much but shows his impressive MCing skills throughout the album, so...

Download it here

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  1. Awesome blog! I love the California underground movement - especially the Project Blowed camp like Mikah and Inoe Oner. Keep up the good work!!

  2. YOU ROCK !
    (thank you from france)

  3. do you have the shapeshifters know future or any dj rob one by chance? I would be stoked.

  4. i love this blog!!! i am not trying to say anything bad about the hip-hop from other places... but there is definitely something unique about cali-underground!!! do you have any of the following???
    - hobo junction
    - us pros
    - hue of intuition
    - icons
    - roundtable mc's
    - orko the sycotik alien
    - infinite shades of gray

    i have one line for infinite shades of gray, but i know there's more!!!