samedi 3 janvier 2009

Rifleman - Kclassix vol. II

Rifleman - Kclassixx vol. II
Afterlife - 2001

This is the second album of Rifleman on Afterlife. It's longer than the previous one, and the beats are more consistent... when they're not straight up noise. Whatever, it's the way Rifleman adapts to the syncoped beats with so much versatility that's interesting. This what styling is about.

1. Transmitting Live
2. Shyt Talkerz
3. Voices in my Head
4. A Lot on It
5. Castles
6. Way Out Something
7. Hit Me on the Hip
8. Evil Gun
9. Kclantasia
10. Starwars
11. Channel X
12. Western Wild
13. Can I get a Witness
14. Whos What??

Download it here

3 commentaires:

  1. thanks for the rifleman albums! i found kclasixx vol. 3

  2. i love this blog!!! i am not trying to say anything bad about the hip-hop from other places... but there is definitely something unique about cali-underground!!! do you have any of the following???
    - hobo junction
    - us pros
    - hue of intuition
    - icons
    - roundtable mc's
    - orko the sycotik alien
    - infinite shades of gray

    i have one line for infinite shades of gray, but i know there's more!!!


  3. I have some Hobo junction & saafir posted on my blog: underfoundgreebies.blogspot.