dimanche 4 janvier 2009

88:Komaflash/Organics - Neomuc 12"

88:Komaflash/Organics - Neomuc 12"
(Pigeon Records - 2002)

Here is a rare vynil. I don't remember a lot about these groups. Obviously, 88:Komaflash come from Deutschland. I guess they're the one who started this project as well because it was released on a German label. They could be qualified as "german-speaking abstract hip-hop"... maybe some people will like it, but it sounds just like you can imagine it...

The Organics are from San Jose and I think I used to have some info about them but that was a long time ago and I forgot, if you know more, please tell me... One of their beats is produced by Glue who later released an album on Galapagos 4, though I would not swear this is the same person. The Organics are pretty decent MCs, the beats however are pretty boring... as it is often the case with releases from this scene...

  1. 88:Komaflash - Hot Potato
  2. 88:Komaflash - Neomuc
  3. 88:Komaflash - Leib-Seele-Dualismus
  4. 88:Komaflash -Mehr Wert Als Gold
  5. Organics - Rhyme For A Livin' (feat. Thunderhut)
  6. Organics - Oxygen (feat. Simple)
  7. Organics - Some People...
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